Property and Finance

Warden Liaison – John Kirby

Cemetery Board – Ron Emo/Paul Hurst – To look after the administration of the cemetery for the parish of All Saints’. To maintain and care for the cemetery property and sell plots as required.

Counters – Nancy Zamborsky – Count money from givings, balance, and deposit money in bank. Give to office to enter data in general journal entries.

Envelope Secretary – Don McArthur – To accurately record and balance givings as provided by counters on a weekly basis, or other givings as provided by the Wardens or Treasurer from time to time. To order new numbered givings envelopes yearly for the following year. To issue new envelopes as required and to cancel unused numbers on an annual basis. Issue tax receipts for all designated givings for each calendar year and distribute those tax receipts as soon as possible after the year end.

Gardening Guild – Pat MacKeracher – Fills the outside planters and tends to the plantings around the church buildings.

PAR Coordinator – Nancy Zamborsky –  To provide the United Church of Canada information regards PAR (Pre-authorized Remittances) donations, ie: adding new donors, changes to existing donors, deletions of donors, and record donations as provided by the United Church on a monthly basis.

Property – Terry White/Ron Emo – Looks after all major repairs and maintenance to church property.

Treasurer – Charles Barnes – Generate annual budget. Supervise monthly income and expense activity. Supervise Secretary/Bookkeepers activities. Report to Wardens, Advisory Board and annually to Vestry. Maintain financial stability. Report to Revenue Canada, Charities, and Diocese.