Spiritual and Pastoral Care

Warden Liaison – Catherine Durrant

Bible Study – Reverend Douglas Michael

Book Club – Sharon Goldsworthy
To encourage personal spiritual growth though recommended reading and through subsequent group discussion in an informal, supportive environment

Church Kids (Sunday School) – Sharon Goldsworthy
Our team of leaders create a positive, fun, inclusive, Christian learning experience for children & youth. Our focus each week is based on the Sunday Bible readings used in the worship service.

Colourful Meditation – Reverend Sharon Johnstone

Healing and Prayer – Sharon Goldsworthy
This group helps to raise awareness and deepen the understanding of the ministries of healing and prayer. It encourages the parishioners in their care for one another. It oversees the Prayer Circle and the Bulletin Prayer List.

Mother`s Union – Janet Adams
A Christian organization that promotes the well being of families worldwide by developing prayer and spiritual growth in families, studying and reflecting on family life, marriage, and its place in society. Resources our members to take practical action to improve conditions for families in the communities in which they live as well as nationally. Encourages parents in their role to develop the faith of their children and promotes conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children.

Pastoral Care – Sharon Goldsworthy
The pastoral care team, overseen by Father Doug, attempts to meet the many spiritual needs of parishioners, keeping them connected to their church family in a variety of ways. It encompasses Sunday drivers, telephone calls, home visits, home communions, hospital visits, Prayer Shawl ministry, services in care facilities, the monthly Wed. afternoon communion at the church, Anointers, rides to appointments when available, etc.

Sunday Driver – Greg Goldsworthy
Provides rides to Sunday services for parishioners, as required.